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Projects in Progress, Hand Quilting, and Digby Gut

I'm intrigued by the whole "slow quilting" movement, and so I'm doing some hand piecing.  This is one of the blocks for Jinny Beyer's Moon GlowI don't have the kit - just the pattern, but so far it's been very enjoyable!   I also have a copy of Jinny's Book "Quiltmaking by Hand", which I requested as a gift many years ago and never used, and I'm using it as a reference.

This little top I've named "Madly Off in All Directions".  It started as an original design of interlaced arcs of flying geese, until I discovered that entwining the rings of geese isn't as easy as it looks.  So I did what Katie Fowler did on an episode of The Quilt Show, and cut it up into 4" squares and sewed it back together.  I'm liking it more than I thought I would, but I also think it needs another border - probably in the black.  And a maybe a little hand quilting.
This summer has been hot and humid, and it's nice to escape to th…

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